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In the river of time, there are always some chance encounters that become eternal memories. The monastery wine cabinet, as described in the poem, "Casually passing by the clusters of flowers, I am indifferent; half due to my devotion, half due to you." Amidst the blooming flowers, it remain unmoved, created solely for that unique sentiment.


In 2013, Jin Yucheng's novel "Blossoms Shanghai" was published as a standalone book. Eleven years later, Jin Yucheng renovated his ancestral home, presenting it to the public as the "Blossoms Study." The accumulated dust of history was swept away, revealing a bright and modern aesthetic throughout. The display cabinet in the sunroom on the left, resembling a monastery, showcases porcelain plates, bowls, and copper jars. The soft lighting of the display cabinet interplays with the utensils, as if telling stories of time. In this tranquil corner, the passage and heritage of time are quietly witnessed.

The design of this wine cabinet is inspired by monastic architecture. The serene and solemn environment, tempered by the passage of time, has accumulated a profound cultural heritage. Today, we infuse this vessel of history and memory with a new soul. The wine cabinet is not merely a space for storing wine; it is a dedicated pursuit of life’s quality.

Not only does it imbue the classical atmosphere of a monastery, but it also integrates the design concepts of Art Deco from the last century. That was an era full of creativity and passion, with every detail exuding a unique charm of its time. The lines of the wine cabinet are smooth, and its decorations are simple yet luxurious as if telling a story of elegance and art.

The warmth of leather, the resilience of metal, and the transparency of glass intertwine and complement each other. Amid the interplay of light and shadow, they exude a unique charm. Each touch, each gaze, is a profound experience of craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Across the long passage of years, this wine cabinet exudes a radiant glow of history and memories. It is not just a place to store fine wines, but also a space to cultivate emotions. Whether in solitary contemplation or joyous gatherings with friends, one can always find their piece of tranquility and delight here.



「几间」由著名设计师@黄全 创立于2020年,是一个致力于打造当代都市理想人居的原创家居品牌。依托强有力的设计师团队,「几间」拥有丰富的住宅项目实践和国内外家居品牌设计开发经验,旨在服务于每个追求独立审美和生活体验的消费族群。






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